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Twisted Fusion on the Wii U Review

Written by WeIsI

Twisted Fusion combines the old-school platform game with RPG elements, mostly created by one man, Leuvision, and was funded by a kickstarter.
You play as Cora or one of her friends (Erika and Misha) as you attempt to make your way back to your home from an alternate dimension you are unexpectedly thrust into, with no explanation ever deemed necessary. Your mission is to escape, by recovering 'Sun Stones' and that's basically about it for the storyline. If you're not here for the storyline, well, that's not a big deal. The game provides a good degree of freedom, as you can tackle dungeons in any order with your water gun. As you vanquish your enemies, you gain points to acquire new abilities through your phone (which looks suspiciously Windows-based). I found the upgrade system pretty good compared to many other games. Too often I find myself annoyed at having to figure out complicated and obstructive systems and weighing up options with woefully little information, but that doesn't apply to this game.
Your in-game phone also allows you to change the difficulty, your character and lists your objectives. Also on the phone, one notable app is the My Monsters app, a somewhat cool Pokemon Go-like app where you can see your eggs, feed your monsters, level them up, etc. Twisted Fusion makes good use of the Wii U's two screens, and if you're playing on the TV you can view your phone on your gamepad as you play on the TV. Pretty cool.
Twisted Fusion also allows you to play the game in co-op with friends (up to 5) if you have controllers laying around, something I appreciated when my brother wanted to join in as I was playing. This was the highlight of the game for me.
I also must compliment the music, by Jonathan Adamich, which I very much enjoyed. Unfortunately, the general sound effects aren't nearly as on par, although passable.
Unfortunately, the positives don't go too much further than what I've mentioned.
Firstly, ultimately the gameplay is too repetitive. The towers are too similar, and, with no map, you can get lost all too easily and frequently, leading to frustration more than achievement. The combat also suffers from repetitiveness. Many monsters take an absurd amount of hits to kill, literally dozens, if not more, and it is laborious more than anything. Often I was wondered whether I was actually doing damage, as there was little feedback to suggest I was.
Secondly, there are technical issues. Despite only being on the Wii U, the framerate is not really sufficient. It stutters inconsistently and it's noticeable. It feels like it needs optimized, as it's not always like this, and the graphics don't suggest they're pushing the capabilities of the Wii U. The camera is also very glitchy.
Overall, Twisted Fusion has the skeleton of a decent game somewhere in here, but I can't say I found it enjoyable, as much as I wanted to. I feel the developer in the future would have benefited from limiting his scope initially and building outwards, as there really are a lot of cool ideas in the game, but many feel like they're not executed well enough to do them justice. The core gameplay, due to technical issues and repetitiveness, just doesn't come off either and badly lacks polish.