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An Interesting New Direction

Written by HowlingMadMurdoch

From the creators of the totally unrelated Goat Simulator, is this game about newspapers, with the aim presumably being to open one's eyes to how the media can (unduly?) influence the general public's opinion on important matters.
The game is set in an unspecified country, but it's clearly not set in the Westport of Massachusetts given some of the events, but the setting isn't particularly important
What is important, is that it it does well to convey its message about censorship and how easily the media can manipulate opinion through its decisions. For example, as the editor of a newspaper, the president celebrates his birthday, and there is a parade in his honour, but also a protest. You have the ability to direct your newspaper's focus on tomorrow's headlines, and then witness the effects that unfold.
While the game is short -- only a couple of hours to get through -- it is pretty deep and has a ton of replay value. It's also priced reasonably. I thought that while the game was porentitally somewhat limiting, it's a great first effort and a unique game. If you liked Papers, Please, you'll like this.