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120% Worth it

Written by Blawusch

I bought three other new release games along with this game and this one was the I felt was worth the most money despite them all priced the same.

This is such a heart-breaking amazing story. I play games for the stories, when the story is over I'm generally done with the game. But after a long boss fight and an even longer Secret boss fight, with the story concluded, my first thought was let's play this again immediately.

I don't want to spoil anything to do with the story so this what I'll say about. What I thought was the end initially was only half way and someone betrays you and another person dies. One character will leave the roster and three will join you at this point.

As a tactic RPG, there are stats, equipment, items, and even your positions and how you move about the battlefield. It's all paced out nicely so you don't feel overwhelmed at any point. The game is officially divided into two parts but I consider Tuning battles a separate third part. Since they largely have special conditions on top of normal battles.

Free time is where you can buy new equipment, talk to your allies to gain new abilities, earn some extra money, explore for bonus items, freely fight in normal battles to grind exp and items, and challenge Tuning battles.

Mission time is when the story advances, with cut-scene areas and mission battles. If the mission battles are too tough at the moment you can freely fight in normal battle for exp and items as well. Each chapter is broken up into multiple missions and free time sessions.

Your roster of playable characters is quite diverse. Some character are definitely better than others but all of them can be improved upon during normal gameplay, as in little to no grinding. My preferred squad was a combination of counter/status effects and ranged magic. I am sure there are way more to fight than just this.

I don't know what to say for this besides, the game is pretty. It always looks nice and in and out of cutscenes. Their was never a drop in quality.

This game is about witches who can sing in battle to use magic. So you will hear their songs quite often as they provide worthwhile benefits in battle. Luckily, the witches' songs and other background music is great and varied.
The Launch Edition comes with a music cd with rough version of the witches' songs that is actually worth adding to my small collection of music I listen to.

TL;DR Overview
Yes, this game is worth full retail. Most of the bonus items in the Launch Edition are worthwhile. If you want something like Fire Emblem, you'll like this as well.