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A Sastisfying Instalment

Written by TheBlues

Rise of the Tomb Raider continues on the Lara 'growing into her character' vibe of the previous entry to the series which was a very successful reboot of the franchise which had become a bit long in the tooth.

This time, Lara is in search of the legendary city Kitezh and this takes her journey to Syria and Siberia. The game sees the return of the collectibles in last game such as the tapes and artifacts you can pick up, and these again fill in the storyline of the game very well if someone's looking for a bit more depth. That said, the story, while decent, is just missing something, and I can't really explain it with words. It never really pulled me in, but it felt close to doing so.

The next most obvious thing to comment on is the incredible graphics and visuals. I played it on the PC (although I had played in the past on the XB1), and it really is just stunning. It's not just great from a technological standpoint, but the actual art, and the level of detail, is phenomenal. You really believe that these could be legit ancient mythological areas, and it creates an incredible sense of atmosphere in the game and just a touch of wonder too. I really appreciated the effect of the art in the game!

The sound did an excellent job of evoking an atmosphere as well, and there's an incredible ambiance throughout the game. The soundtrack is great, with some music I'd like to hear again. The voice acting puts other games to shame, it's that good. Overall, 10/10 here as well.

The gameplay quite rightly doesn't depart too much from the previous instalment's formula. You have the same ability to unlock enhancements with your skill points, e.g. to upgrade weapons (although you'd think after the last Tomb Raider, she'd maybe be more prepared), and the skills are recycled from last game (she also appears to have forgot everything). However, there's just 'more', and the craft system feels a bit of a trudge. Overall, I find it a bit overwhelming and the complexity maybe detracts from the experience of actually playing the game. Rise of the Tomb Raider is probably a bit more action-heavy than its predecessor, which, I guess is a subjective thing, but I thought it was maybe erring on the side of too much, especially as the guns have frustratingly poor attributes at time, e.g. it's possible to miss at point-blank because of the crazy bullet spread. However, that said, the game is not difficult, even on the highest difficult level, and it took me just north of ten hours to complete (but I wasn't rushing).

This is niggling though. Overall, the gameplay is definitely fun, and I felt I'd had a satisfying and worthwhile experience having completed it. I'd recommend the game!