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Fun First Video Game

Written by yenna

My boyfriend encouraged me to play Portal, as I'd never really played video games before. It's like a puzzle in the way that it engages your mind, and it's very accessible to beginners, so I had a lot of fun!
There was clearly a lot of work put into the graphics and gameplay, and there are many mysterious places to explore within the game. I enjoyed how the game throws you into this established sic-fi world and you have to progress along to figure out what's going on. Portal also has a lot of dark and witty aspects to the storyline, which was a pleasant surprise. But the main gameplay itself is so great that I admit I sometimes forgot about the storyline.
The portal gun is exciting, and each test chamber is unique and offers different challenges that grow in difficulty, allowing you to utilize skills learned along the way in order to escape them. The game encourages you to play with spatial imagination as you discover the different effects of portal placements. (I also totally understand the hype over the companion cube now, it's cute.)
You're on your own so there's not a real time limit to it, or anyone else rushing you along, and that helped me not be too anxious about playing.
I had a little bit of trouble at the very end, but for the most part it was great fun. I think this game is a fantastic choice for introducing someone to the world of video games, but its popularity clearly shows that anyone and everyone can enjoy Portal. Can't wait to play Portal 2 now!
Also now that I've played it, the automated messages on the Boston MBTA sound exactly like the voice over in Portal, which is incredibly creepy. Still recommend the game though.