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Much Better Now

Written by Johnno

This game is well worth revisiting if you had it at launch!

The revamped story is actually quite good, and the new features, like base building that came from the foundation update are interesting. Also, there feels like there's much more variety.

And most importantly: Multiplayer! As promised! Cool!

I'm not saying No Man's Sky is the best game every, but it's now worth a look, for sure.
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Betrays its Promise

Written by RockNRollDoc

I was so hyped for this game but it is not even a shadow of what was promised by Hello Games.

You better like exploration, because that's all there is. Weird and wonderful planets, weather, foliage and creatures are the only positive points of this game. Your only real aim apart from discovery is to mine, which is boring, even though you can craft better mining guns to get it done quicker. But even that is all just so you can discover more... for no discernible reason.

Multiplayer was promised, but, guess what? Doesn't exist, except for names transferring. It was a lie.

The discovery part doesn't even make sense. No planet is ever undiscovered. You are bewilderingly given the ability to (re)name planets and moons... which have names.... even though they are already well-inhabited with Sentinels, monoliths and trading stations. It's like there's no thought given to the paper thin story line. That becomes even more apparent down the line.

Visually, some random planets will make amazing landscape postcards, which is great, but I didn't want to buy a postcard simulator when I saw the trailers...

Also, the performance sucks unless you have a Geforce 970 or above, and even then it still looks over 5 years old. No video card will help that. May mods will make it into a Skyrim down the line?

Great game if you're drunk maybe, but not what was promised. Not at all. Stay away.
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Interesting and Ambitious

Written by HectorPS4

No Man's Sky is a pretty ambitious game, and one of the reasons I bought my Playstation 4 in the first place. Despite numerous delays, it is finally here!
As anyone reading this probably knows, but in case not, No Man's Sky game is not designed in any real way, it is 'procedurally generated' by the computer upon asking. That means your game is unique, and no one else's experience will be quite like yours. The numerous random variables from atmosphere, types of flora and fauna, size, number of legs, eyes, caves, mountains, lakes, gullies, temperatures and so on, makes the game simply mind boggling in some ways.
My original starting planet, compared to what I've heard from other people, was pretty stinking! My planet was incredibly toxic, and cold (at -200 C). I had to take refuge in my starship about 2 or 3 times a minute. This meant it took me several hours just to get my ship working again, because I would die in the process of running to collect materials. I named my planet 'Frustration' because that's how it felt with its unfair treatment of me in comparison to some other people's streams on Twitch. I ended up taking refuge in a subterranean cave for most of my stay, where the toxins couldn't get, that had the adequate resources with which I could fix my ship. I promptly left at the first opportunity. I hadn't even seen any creatures on this planet. Presumably poisonous air so smoggy that you can't even see the sun and -200C temperatures aren't very conducive to life.
My next stop was a moon. I shouldn't have been surprised, but it too was cold (and that makes sense, since it's no nearer its main star). This moon was barren, but incredibly mountainous, and seemed to have very little atmosphere, so I could see the stars from it. I left the galaxy completely after this, but with some pain as I hadn't yet figured out the slightly unintuitive interface for charging things like boosters.
Leaving the galaxy was a good move - my next stop led me to a galaxy with only 4 planets, but all of them resource rich and brimming with life. The 3rd planet I landed on, and my current location, is very watery, almost earth-like, except the landscapes were all bright orange, as if it was constant Fall. Orange bushes on brown dirt, and hundred foot tall orange-grass blades soaking up the light. It contrasted very nicely with the blue waters and sky! Even weirder is the animal presence -- some sort of jellyfish type creatures thatf loat through the sky everywhere, like Coruscant.It was incredibly surreal. As a bonus, this planet seems to be more resource rich than others, with jagged red spikes of Plutonium scattered everywhere amongst the orange bush. The best thing? I can take my time as the atmosphere is not trying to kill me, and the temperature is nice 21C.
This is where my story has taken me so far. I'm on my way to the center of the galaxy, but it will take a while as I need a better ship, but this planet can provide me with the means to do that. What I like about No Man's Sky is that it really is a sort of personal exploration game. There is no set route to take. If you'd asked me at the start whether No Man's Sky is a good game, I would have probably said no, because it was difficult and frustrating, but I see now there was a degree of poor luck there. Do I like it now? Definitely, and I am happy to lose hours of time chilling while playing it.