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Flaws detracting from greatness

Written by Quatto89

The most important thing to note, is that the Metal Gear Solid V is actually fun. But it is flawed, in ways that someone should be aware and prepared for before parting with their hard-earned cash.

The game takes time to get going, and in my opinion, too much time. It basically starts with an hour and a half introductory mission that has cut-scenes interspersed throughout. Once that's over however, the real meat of the game is to be found.

The game is predominantly open world, with main and side quests (missions?) and I think this works reasonably well. You find yourself placed via helicopter to infiltrate various compounds, with the freedom to decide how best to do this to complete your objective, and I found this pleasingly immersive.

The story is passable -- when it progresses. Which sometimes it doesn't. Chapter 2 is a re-hash of chapter 1. Aggravating.

The controls are fundamentally decent. But the interaction with the world is iffy. I'd say the majority of the time Snake won't attach to the wall, resulting in repeated attempts. Frustrating! Also, the walls to which you can attach yourself seem somewhat arbitrary.

Climbing around is also somewhat annoying. No one is demanding to walk up sheer cliffs with ease (like a certain Elder Scrolls game), but slight inclines can sometimes prove puzzlingly problematic at times.

A major issue I found was how the missions were handled. The locations being recycled is acceptable to me (and realistic, actually), but the exact missions are re-done, with the same cut-scenes, just harder, making the story a little nonsensical if you don't interpret it as a game, which is surprising for a game so cinematic.

The bosses are a real pet peeve for me in this. in MGSV the boss fights are harder than any of the previous iterations, and the strategies needed to beat them are seemingly arbitrary, and involve an odd amount of chasing.

On a more positive note, since I've veered off into negativity by accident:

The AI is smart, and adapts to your tactics. Actually probably the best I've seen in any game. Real nice!

The music is great, actually. You can collect music to play later too, which is a nice touch.
Small positive stuff:

You can train a dog from a puppy into an adult that can help you in missions!

And finally, some of the gameplay is really quite comical.

It is enjoyable, don't get me wrong! Just some... annoyances.