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Somehow Feels Unpolished

Written by TheBlues

Final Fantasy XV is decent, but falls short of expectations. After a decade of waiting, a fact used to hype the game up, it still somehow feels unpolished.

The game is open world, but it feels like this is only the case because it's trendy right now, rather than for any deep reason, or in a way that improves the game. In fact, it's potentially a negative because the sidequests have the air of the clone tool around them I feel wouldn't be the case in a more linear game. I also found the main plot a bit convoluted and missing the mark slightly, and short, but I can't say this was due to the open world experience. Despite this, it's fair to say it is gorgeous, and I found myself doing nothing but admiring the grassy vistas and shimmering waters.

The characters are... OK. The relationship built between them is good! But outside of Noctus, I found them all really quite flat and uninteresting.

I played on the XBox One, so I'm not sure if this is a fair criticism to level at the game, but I found the loading times notably slow. Fast travel doesn't feel so fast...

The length of the game is less than the 40 hours or so I'd have expected, and I believe I put in roughly 25 hours. That asid, I'm not particularly a massive fan of long games, so this doesn't bother me.

On the positive side however, I found the combat good fun, smooth and the correct level of difficulty. Along with the soundtrack and the capture of the proper 'Final Fantasy feeling', it is not like the game isn't enjoyable! It's good, and better than the last two iterations, but I just feel it didn't meet my expectations in some ways. Overall, I would give it 80%.