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A Worthy Successor

Written by TeslaPoop

I liked the first Dishonored, but I'm not coming at this game as a fanboy. If you've never played it, what to expect is stealth mixed with the standard fare Bethesda gameplay of exploration, murder, and subsequent looting of corpses and interesting places. Of course, Arkane Studios developed this, and it was only published by Bethesda, but I believe there is influence. The upgrades have been changed to a skill tree, which I'm not particularly bothered with either way, but it's a significant change. Chaos remains but it's now easier to traverse the world without killing anyone, so you could say stealth has more prominence.

Dishonored 2 is still all about stealth, as I said, but it's expanded upon its predecessor in the number of ways it's possible to progress through each of the incredibly well crafted levels. The story is set 15 years after the original and Emily Kaldwin is now empress, a status with which you, well, have the ability to interfere in. I absolutely adored how the game you the ability to help you understand both points of view as you progresws through.

The game is a notable upgrade in the graphics department in pretty much every way. Importantly though, the atmosphere and style aren't sacrificed for graphical fidelity. Again, I must mention the style, which is a great combination of Southern European styles of a bygone era, and it adds so much to the game. Overall I'd give the graphics an 8 of 10 -- great, but not earth-shattering. The animations in Dishonored 2 avoid the usual pitfalls you might automatically associate with Bethesda, but they are merely the publisher. The animations are fluid, which improves the combat many times over.

Overall, I'm pleased with Dishonored. It took me a little over 10 hours to finish it all (on the Playstation 4), but it was worth it, and I recommend it to everyone, especially those who enjoyed the first one.