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Got it Free on Epic Games

Written by TransistorFistor

I picked this up for free on Epic Games recently, and I'm pleasantly surprised by the game.

It combines some of the best bits of H1Z1 - the base building, the tribes, the constant danger, etc., but adds dinosaurs instead of zombies. What's not to love?

The core gameplay, which is basically that of a survival game, could do without the leveling system in my opinion, much like the Forest doesn't need it. It feels like it's just there to add a bit of a grind and extend the gameplay, and perhaps stick its tendrils into those who fall prey to seeing numbers improve.

Graphically, the game could be better, especially for how demanding the game is, but it's OK.

All in all, you can collect dinosaurs and tame them. Something child-me would have gone mad for. I've enjoyed it, especially since it's free.