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Pleb Game Reviews is the video game review website where every gamer's opinion is given equal weight. More specifically, it's the gaming review website for you if:

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Frequently Asked Questions

"Why are the game rankings not in order of highest average rating?"

Pleb Game Reviews calculates the best ranked games by using the Bayesian Average. That's all a bit Math-y. Put simply, a game with only one review at the extreme, e.g. 1 review and Rated 100%, shouldn't be able to outrank a game with 1000s of reviews that average out at 95%. As such, games are ranked by taking into consideration the number of reviews, and this makes for much more sensible results.

"How do I view my profile?"

Profiles have not been launched yet. However, all your reviews will be available on your profile as long you leave your reviews with the same e-mail address.

"I can't find a game", or other problems in general

Our database is kept up to date very regularly and usually has most notable games listed before their release. However, if you think a game is missing, mis-named or there is some other problem, please fill in the report a problem form which can be found in the footer. PGR is a young and growing platform, and we genuinely appreciate any constructive input!